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Are Nigerians victims of themselves?

Are Nigerians victims of themselves?.

Are Nigerians victims of themselves?

Many atimes we’ve come across situations in this present dispensation where a Nigerian has had to take a step back, unwillingly of course( you know the average Nigerian) so a citizen of another country is brought to light. And this sad occurrence is mostly seen in the gathering of Africans.
   I’ve witnessed situations where a qualified Nigerian among other Africans has been cautioned or indirectly asked to be ‘on the low’ so as not to upset a crowd or specific set of people. This line of words ‘ we don’t want them to think its a Nigerian thing or to feel like its only Nigerians that are always chosen’ has become wanton amongst the Nigerians themselves! How is it that we believe it is okay to portray ourselves as smaller than we actually are so people are pleased? Is this a business strategy or just a wrong mindset? 
In short I’d like to say that there are different forms of this sort of victimization.
As I  post this here, I wonder if my beloved readers would take this up as a topic for thought or then again if I’ll need to reassure my non nigerian readers that this is just a controversial topic to prevent offense.
                            Comment people ( this is just a controversial topic though, lol).

Modern day bullies.

They say bottling up a feeling is a really bad thing.I couldn’t agree more.
I have observed…no I actually have more than observed,i’ve stalked or to put more civily,watched closely,a
really disturbing recurring situation like a play script acted out amongst ourselves everyday of our lives.
I can’t display enough my profound hate for this particular thing.It tears out my skin and makes my heart bleed,
not only for the victimized but for the perpetrators as well.
Who do we even think we are?
Who gives us(this generation of pouters,fashion crazed teens,skinny jeans wearing males)the audacity to judge another
being,irrespective of how low a person has brought himself.
We have created a certain standard to which he who does not reach is considered a lesser human being and not just in
our filthy little minds,Oh is indeed not enough,we have then decided to take it a step further to even publicly 
destroy the person,not attempting to veil our vile hearts.
Who set these invincible rules?
Who is the game master?
Who is the trend setter? Who do we even trail?
If these questions have never crossed your mind,well it’s about time they did!
I totally agree that the beautiful ones are not yet born,because if what we portray is beauty,then the world is in dire need of 
another saviour!
The innocence of our infancy is a vague memory.
If only we’d bring down our shoulders,if only we stop for just more than a minute to think,we’d see that 
instead of growing to be adults,we are growing into babies,however possible that is.Growing to be babies that are attracted only by shiny things and pick people only by what they hold in their hands; that speak without regard to who is being spoken to
and care only about what makes them happy,possibly taking forcefully what belongs to another to get as much self comfort as we reach.
A new breed of bullies,I must say,commanding of ourselves laws no one has set.


Excerpt from ‘Autobiography of Jessica xxx’

Different people different problems.I’ve come to learn a few things you may or may not be interested in knowing.Life,a word that in itself cannot sum up the reality and entity of life itself,a joke,right? An obstacle is something that is not just able to block your pathway but to prevent you from moving from that spot.What you see as your obstacle is what you magnify in your mind.
    An obstacle is what you give headway to be a problem. Some would oppose and go on to point out that some situations are problems whether or not you choose to see them that way,giving an  example of a patient recently diagnosed with lung cancer,whether or not he decides to address his occasional dyspnea or hemoptysis,the devils of cancer will eventually rage and take over.
    I’ve been opportuned to live in 2 different countries in Europe,albeit for a short while,but 2 years is enough to be incorporated into a lifestyle,right?Hungary is a beautiful place,although the ruins of the war make it hard to see. Local language being Hungarian, it takes the average English speaking foreign student a minimum of 3 years to perfect their vocabulary(Hungarian). I schooled there for the first 2 years of my life in the science field and as a medical student in University of Debrecen all that mattered were my grades. Fail(1),Pass(2),Average(3),good(4),excellent(5).
For medical students in ‘Dote’ as we called it, a pass was just enough,as long as we moved on the next stage,in course in line with that year.
As a christian, I attended church all the time and was an active member but it wasn’t until I left Hungary and came back for a visit a year later that I realized how deeply twisted Dote had made our lives. 
Testifying to the goodness of God was always my favorite time in church but boy did that change when I came as a visitor to my old church and watched student after student(note that my church was basically an African student church) come to the front of church and talk about how they passed an oral exam by extreme favor or how they didn’t read enough but still got the best questions or how their examiners just liked them and gave them good marks. It was tiring honestly. To think I was in this circus life before was nauseating. 
Their lives were wrapped in this little box stamped Dote on all sides,I mean it should be to an extent when you dedicate 6 years of your life to a certain cause but down to every single moment? Lol,does it make sense to say I’m ready to dedicate 6 years to medicine but not my arterial blood pressure?
                                                                                                            To be continued..

It’s the truth my sisters.

We’re losing sight of the light, of the reason for our calling, of the purpose of our creation. Who are we? Where exactly are we headed?

We should be one, we should be a force and probably even run the world.
We were made to forget ourselves, our unworthy righteousness and cater for mankind right from Eden, especially each other. But now our image is trodden upon and heads shake at us.
We shame ourselves by the little things we take for granted. We fail to stand after falling, questioning the Proverbs 31 in us, an endless list of wrongs we’ve created..

Where are the pliable lovers,respected go getters; where are the unmoving towers? Where’s the pull through woman and where are the women that aren’t afraid to unveil their pain..

And the rest of us?we’ve found the light of course and we dont fail to wrap ourselves in it. We call ourselves the better ones and carry our heads as high as it goes. But when did pride and Jesus ever go together? Beginning to question yourself? You probably should. Are you really holy or just holier than your neighbour..(2Peter 3:17)Image